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Lisa Cobey, LMFT
Dr. Cara Gardenswartz

Lisa Cobey, LMFT

Lisa Cobey is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 25 years of experience helping people from diverse backgrounds. Lisa earned her B.A. from the Pennsylvania State University Scholars Program and M.A. from the University of North Carolina in Clinical Psychology. Lisa has a warm and nurturing style that is comprehensive in terms of meeting the needs of her clients.

Child/Family Therapy:
Lisa works with children as young as 3 years old and has had success in helping to cultivate more harmonious relationships within the family. She encourages a team approach including consultation with outside professionals such as teachers and doctors, and is well-versed in community resources like social skill programs, behavior intervention, and occupational/physical/speech therapy, etc. Lisa focuses on enhancing social skills (including dealing with peer pressure, bullying), developing strategies with parents to increase their child’s compliance, improving self-soothing strategies, and bolstering one’s self-esteem. She also supports families experiencing trauma, divorce, single parenting, foster care, adoption, and grief/loss/transitions in addition to daily stresses.

Adolescent Therapy:
With teenagers, Lisa works to help them establish more independence including time management, identity development, and resiliency and coping skills. She also assists with relationships, life transitions, self-growth, and mood issues.

Adult Therapy:
Lisa is a solutions-focused therapist who is interested in helping clients grow. She delves into her client’s background, challenges, and aspirations to adapt therapeutic techniques to their specific needs. This ensures that every session is meaningful and effective. Lisa utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy to help clients feel and be more in control of their life and choices. She also helps clients with coping, assertiveness, and communication skills. Lisa believes that everyone can have positive change with accountability, and so she offers homework between sessions to speed up and enhance the process.

Clinical Experience

  • Social Worker/Therapist at Maryvale residential treatment center, Rosemead, CA
  • Outpatient Therapist at Wellnest Emotional Health and Wellness (formerly Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic), Los Angeles, CA
  • Early Childhood Program Director at Step by Step EDU-Ther-A-Play, Los Angeles, CA
  • Clinical Supervisor/Consultant at SoCal Child Therapy, Woodland Hills, CA
  • Community of Caring Director at HAMAKOM (formerly Temple Aliyah), Woodland Hills, CA
  • Middle School Counselor at Milken Community School, Los Angeles, CA