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Ali Aroyan
Dr. Cara Gardenswartz

Ali Aroyan

Ali Aroyan is an Associate Clinical Social Worker dedicated to guiding individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds through their unique journeys towards healing and growth.

Ali received her clinical training at the University of Pennsylvania and later Columbia University, where she graduated top of her class and gained extensive experience in helping clients navigate a wide range of challenges and emotional difficulties. She believes in an integrative approach to therapy, drawing from methodologies such as IMAGO, Attachment Theory, Internal Family Systems, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Psychodynamic theory.

Coming from a family of artists, Ali has cultivated a sensitivity to the complexities that creatives often encounter and enjoys treating artists of many facets. Ali also has a particular proclivity towards treating couples, drawn by her fascination with the intricate dynamics of relationships and each of our unique attachment needs. She is dedicated to guiding couples through their challenges, fostering healthier communication and in turn deeper connections.

Ali employs a non-judgmental approach and creates a compassionate environment, meeting her clients wherever they are in their personal journey. She is dedicated to supporting clients, whether individually or as couples, in gaining insight into their behavioral patterns and reconnecting with their authentic selves. Her goal is to empower clients to achieve greater autonomy and foster positive transformations in their lives.