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Nancy Sweeney, CLC
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Nancy Sweeney

With over 20+ years of experience, Nancy is a trusted advisor who helps individuals, executives, couples, and families identify personal and professional goals, overcome roadblocks, and develop strategies to achieve success.

Sessions are dynamic conversations comprised of clients sharing their values, preferences, and history. Together, we analyze your current situation, identify solutions, and draw up step-by-step action plans.

Specializing in helping individuals and couples:

– Identify central challenges & primary focus topics
– Find simple solutions to complicated situations
– Build strong relationships with self & others
– Define priorities, bottom lines, and best practices
– Navigate transitions, situations, dynamics
– Create and meet goals
– Leverage existing strengths to succeed in new arenas

For entrepreneurs, executives, academics, and creatives:

– Develop business strategies & marketing content
– Lead teams, manage individuals
– Design training materials, classes, and programs
– Brainstorm creative solutions to unique problems
– Write/Review effective personal essays, resumes, cover letters, business proposals, pitch decks, website content, scripts, and more