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Dr. Laura O’Loughlin

Dr. Laura O’Loughlin

Leading with a strong relational approach, I work to understand and address the unique concerns of each client. I embrace humor, dreamwork, and mindful curiosity to deepen the therapeutic process. I weave in cognitive, behavioral, and somatic techniques. For those with severe anxiety ERP (exposure and response prevention). I am also trained to treat trauma, employing a variety of somatic approaches, such as E.M.D.R., Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Brainspotting. I also specialize in maternial mental health and women’s health including perinatal and postpartum depression and anxiety. My intention is to help my clients experience relief from unnecessary suffering, a deep connection to oneself, and more satisfaction in relationships.

I received a bachelor’s degree from UCLA, a master’s degree from The California Graduate Institute, and a doctorate in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. My pre-doctoral training at the Saturday Center for Psychotherapy (saturdaycenter.org) focused on intersubjective psychodynamic treatment. My post-doctoral fellowship at the Wright Institute of Los Angeles (wila.org) deepened my study of psychoanalytic theory and psychodynamic treatment. My dissertation research explored the effect of women’s self-defense training on their interpersonal boundaries and honed my knowledge of the mind-body connection.

I have worked at Community West intensive outpatient clinic (communitywesttreatment.com) where I saw individuals and their families, addressing major depression, severe anxiety, trauma, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I welcome clients from all walks of life, identities, spiritual beliefs. Outsiders, insiders, introverts, and extroverts.

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