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At Group Therapy LA we practice results-oriented therapy to help you create the deeply fulfilling, authentic life you deserve.

With over 20+ years of experience, we provide clients with the guidance and support needed to change unhealthy behaviors, strengthen self-worth, discover emotions and improve relationships.

Contact us for a confidential consultation and discover which of our services is right for you.


Group Therapy

Members share areas of struggle and receive feedback on how their behavior impacts others. The group setting provides a safe environment for members to take interpersonal risks.
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Individual Therapy

We specialize in reduction of current symptoms, overcoming childhood trauma, or the pursuit of personal growth and self-knowledge. We also help clients improve relationships, as well as change unhealthy behaviors, beliefs and emotions.
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Child and Teen Therapy

A combination of behavioral therapy (game playing, art, guided imagery) and talk therapy (including cognitive therapy) are used to address anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, and family/peer conflict.
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Couple Therapy

We help you and your partner resolve conflict, improve intimacy, foster communication & improve relationship satisfaction.
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