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The Exploding Doormat

The Exploding Doormat
August 9, 2021

If you grew up in a household where you were trained to live your life so that other people will be happy, you may have become an exploding doormat. This phrase is used to describe people who let others “walk all over them”, until one day, they explode! The explosion usually involves a powerful release of emotions, and a stream of words about how wronged they have been. People who are exploding doormats are often addicted to the love and praise they receive from always helping out, and equally addicted to the sensation of exploding with anger. If you are an exploding doormat, consider that you may be in an unhealthy cycle where you continue to make choices that benefit others, rather than benefit you. When we live our lives to bring ourselves satisfaction, the explosive feelings of martyrdom and rage begin to dissolve, and our relationships are immediately more honest and authentic.

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