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Feel Your Feelings – Even the Painful Ones

Feel Your Feelings – Even the Painful Ones
December 28, 2020

Building resilience means consciously choosing to feel all your feelings, even the painful ones. It can seem illogical to lean into painful feelings.

Why would anyone choose to feel pain?

Aren’t we supposed to avoid pain and seek pleasure?

Yes, when we are talking about experiences. No, when we are talking about our feelings.

Feelings are a part of who you are and how you process experiences. When you ignore your self and your experiences, you build a habit of self-rejection rather than self-actualization.

Try not to avoid your emotions during a difficult time. Instead, pull back and take note of how you are reacting and what feelings are arising for you. Rather than bringing more pain into your life, it creates the foundation of living a healthy, authentic life.

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