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Letting Go of Anxiety

Letting Go of Anxiety
October 19, 2020
Sometimes emotions that are uncomfortable to feel, such as anger, fear, and grief-serve a great purpose in our lives.
Is there any benefit, however, to feeling anxiety?
A sudden wash of anxiety may alert us that swift action might be necessary to avoid impending danger. This is a healthy example of how anxiety works to keep us safe.
When anxiety is prolonged, chronic, and doesn’t lead to healthy actions that protect and allow us to live an expense of life, your anxiety is working against you.
Learn to discern between healthy and toxic anxiety. Most of the time, when we remind ourselves that we don’t have to hold onto anxiety and that it doesn’t serve a purpose, we can change our anxious/ distorted thoughts and cognitions.
Always ask yourself why am I feeling this right now and then discern if it’s serving a purpose or not.

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