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Group Therapy: A Cheaper Alternative

Group Therapy: A Cheaper Alternative
May 26, 2009

Recent news stories in the Wall Street Journal and on “Good Morning America” have highlighted the benefits of group therapy for a wide range of issues for adults as well as children. Studies show that group therapy often has either equal or better outcomes when compared to individual, one-on-one therapy. In addition, insurance companies typically reimburse well for group therapy.

Group therapy is beneficial for people who are struggling with almost any type of life or relationship issue. Whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief/loss, relationship issues, intimacy, assertiveness, parenting issues, identity issues, codependency, childhood trauma, or financial hardship, group therapy can help.

Group therapy can also be extremely effective when coupled with individual therapy. Often, issues and insights arise in the context of a group that might not have surfaced in individual therapy. Group members can bring such realizations into individual therapy and continue to work through them on a deeper level, moving more quickly toward resolution.

Finally, while there are general groups, there are also topic-based groups focusing on such issues as domestic violence or eating disorders.

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