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Hurt and Anger

Hurt and Anger
December 27, 2021

People who get angry a lot are usually in a cycle of not wanting to deal with their feelings. On the other hand, people who often feel hurt are usually in a cycle of avoiding their anger. Anger is an important part of being human because it’s a signal from you — to you — that your boundaries have been violated. Everyone has different boundaries, which is why different things make different people angry. Anger is not something you need to “take out” on anyone. It is simply prompting you to take action and tend to your boundaries. When a boundary is violated, we are hurt. So staying in the anger or just tending to your boundary is often not enough. When there is anger, look for the hurt feelings underneath it so you can tend to those as well. With loving acknowledgement and care, those feelings can be released. Otherwise, they stay inside of you, being re-stimulated each time another situation makes you angry.

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