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Showing Up As Yourself

Showing Up As Yourself
November 15, 2021

It can be easy to be yourself when you are by yourself, at home, in your own space, or when you are with people who have known and loved you for a long time. When we are feeling safe, and appreciated, we don’t have to think about how to be. Behavior comes out of us naturally, in a fun, loving, and spontaneous way. But what about when you are on a first date? Or a job interview? The thought of wanting to “present our best self” often translates into a “false self.” We are suddenly stiff and awkward, double thinking what we might say or do. When we do this, the people around us can feel our own discomfort. The fun is gone, replaced with an atmosphere of tension. Showing up as yourself in all situations is a habit that can be learned through repetition. When you go on a date, show up as you are. Date you. Instead of putting the emphasis on being acceptable/accepted by someone else, be and enjoy being your fun, spontaneous self. Fun and love (especially self-love) is infectious and a gift.

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