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The Spiraling Staircase

The Spiraling Staircase
February 1, 2021

Even when we are committed to a path of health, healing, and growth, we often find ourselves facing the same issues over and over.

This does not mean that we are on a merry-go-round, that goes in circles without making any progress. The healing and growth journey can be best visualized as a spiral staircase, one that continues to grow as we climb ever higher.

We will always look at the same vantage points as we climb the staircase, however, our perspective and growth is what has changed.

Our relationships with family, spouses, lovers, friends, co-workers, governments, food, and even our own selves do not go away as we climb the spiral staircase. Our higher perspective and strength gained from the climb is what allows all of these relationships to heal and thrive in new ways.

If you encounter an issue you’ve already worked on or “thought was healed” visualize where you were on the staircase when then and where you are now. Feel proud of your progress and continue taking steps.