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What Do You See?

What Do You See?
August 16, 2021

When you look out at the world, what do you see? Do you see the sun shining each day, giving warmth and life to all things on earth? Do you see birds flying, dogs wagging their tails with happiness? Or do you see a neighbor who doesn’t take care of things the way you would like them to, and kids who are too loud? How you see the world isn’t a reflection of the world, it’s a reflection of you and the qualities you are currently embodying. If you look at the sun with gratitude, then you embody gratitude. If you look at a neighbor with judgement, then you are embodying judgement. If the outside world is bothering you, perhaps what is really bothering you is you. Are you judging yourself harshly? Before we can love life, we must love ourselves.

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