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Why Therapists Should Consider Referring Clients to a Life Coach

Why Therapists Should Consider Referring Clients to a Life Coach
August 1, 2023

Does your client need help in meeting specific goals in their work or personal life?

Read about how a life coach can complement your practice and provide clients with additional support.

What is a Life Coach? And what makes coaching different from therapy?

Most people understand that you work with a psychotherapist to help improve your emotional state. With a therapist, you’ll discuss thoughts, feelings and how they relate to situations in your past. By exploring feelings and their root cause, there can be relief, healing, and growth.

With a Life Coach, you work with an experienced professional to help set and meet goals by developing specific, and actionable plans. Coaching never involves digging into your emotions or the past.

What are the benefits of using a Life Coach?

Whether you are making a transition, or setting out to achieve a new goal, using a life coach can make the process smoother, faster, and more complete. Instead of rushing to fix problems, working with a coach can help you make sure all angles are considered and addressed.

Coaching can be fun because it is rooted in collaboration and achievement. Projects that were once met with avoidance, confusion, or overwhelm are transformed with energy. When solutions are uncovered, clients are often enthusiastic, intuitive, and capable.

Who uses a Life Coach?

Similar to how athletes use a coach to help improve performance and develop winning game plans, successful people use a life coach to help assess objectives and circumstances to help the client create and implement winning strategies.

What can a Life Coach do that a friend or family member can’t?

Friends and family may have your best interests at heart, however, there are many reasons why people don’t turn to them for coaching and advice.

Unlike family or friends, a life coach never thinks “they know what’s best for you” and never advises based on “that’s what worked for me.” Life coaches do not make decisions for clients. They help clients realize what the right decisions are for themselves. Also with coaching, you are guaranteed privacy, and confidentiality, and the focus is always on you.

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