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Who Would You Like to Be?

Who Would You Like to Be?
January 3, 2022

If you were asked to list all of the “things” you want in life, it would be easy. That’s because love, money, security, a bigger house, more time, health, are tangible things we can see with our eyes and experience. If you were asked to list all of the things you would like to be…that might be more difficult. That’s because it’s impossible to see what’s inside of someone just from looking at a social media post, or their house, or car, or clothes. Today’s challenge: Make a list of all of the qualities you would like to embody. When you finish your list, take a moment to read it over. Surprise! These are the qualities you naturally embody. Now the question is, which ones do you cultivate and allow others to see? Keep this list somewhere you can see it each day, and start to acknowledge the areas of your life where these qualities already shine. That is one of the fastest ways you can grow into your best self.

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