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Anxiety Gives a Damn

Anxiety Gives a Damn
December 6, 2021

Nowadays, there are a plethora of online tools and techniques designed to help people with chronic anxiety. Visualizations, meditations, and even medication can bring relief to someone suffering from a panic. But what these tools can’t do is uncover the root of someone’s anxiety. That’s because the root of anxiety is different for everyone, and intensely personal. Anxiety is damn for all other feelings. Think of anxiety like there is someone inside of you, desperate to get your attention. What does this “inner your” want you to hear? Until we listen to ourselves and our true needs, we are going to use anxiety to keep shouting at ourselves until we pay attention. Finding this root issue will require some digging. But once it is found, the cause for your anxiety can be healed. To go underneath your anxiety to find the root feelings, you may want to find a caring therapist who can help guide you and keep you safe on the journey to yourself.

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