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Brain For Rent

Brain For Rent
October 25, 2021

Scientists often say that the brain is the supercomputer of the body. Each day it is responsible for managing countless processes and functions to keep our life-sustaining organs and systems working correctly – and we aren’t even aware of it. Others say the brain is like your home. It holds everything about you, your thoughts, your memories, your hopes, and dreams. What happens when you find your brain constantly thinking about things that make you upset or unhappy? For example: ruminating about the time that a coworker said something mean, or the time a family member did something hurtful and never apologized. It can be helpful to think of these types of thoughts as malware on your computer, or an unwanted guest, who is living rent-free in your home! If you notice your brain is hung up on an unwanted thought, say to yourself, “No one can live rent-free in my brain. I evict this thought.” Then let your brain enjoy visualizing the person packing their bags, and leaving your home, and the front door closing behind them.”

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