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I Don’t Like That

I Don’t Like That
February 15, 2021

Think of a time when someone said or did something that you didn’t like? What did you do in that moment? Did you keep quiet, in order to not hurt their feelings or make waves? Or maybe you exploded in anger, righteously thinking they should have known better?

There is a middle way, where you can express your truth simply and without anger, by using the words, “I don’t like that.” This powerful phrase only speaks about you and your preferences. It is a clear and unmistakable way of exerting your truth, assertiveness, power, and boundaries.

Practice saying “I don’t like that” out loud so it feels comfortable and even automatic to say in situations that feel “high stakes.” When we don’t express our preferences, we are disguising who we really are. When you share your truth with others, you are honoring the part of them that is strong enough to let others exist and be authentic.