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Master Your Emotions

Master Your Emotions
November 23, 2020

Some people think emotional mastery is the ability to put emotions aside or in order to get on with it or get the job done.

Unless this type of compartmentalization is followed up with authentic emotional processing, you actually become a slave to those emotions, because they remain in your mental, emotional, and spiritual systems until they are faced, felt, and released.

To improve your ability to feel your feelings:

  1. Create a daily practice of journaling. Recount your experience, reactions, thoughts, and emotions about what you experienced and remembered that day.
  2. Process: Analyze how you are reacting to those experiences and memories.
  3. Build your skills toolbox: Learn different skills and techniques to help you process your emotions effectively. These can include: talking to a therapist or confidant, watching a sad movie, strenuous activity or exercise.

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